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HELLO!!!!!!!! Are you there? I am here, YES I AM!! [Sep. 26th, 2013|09:04 pm]

Ok here I am posting, just to shock you all - especially Shelly and Lou.

I am currently pretty annoyed as I haven't been able to go for a run allllllllllll week coz of this stupid arse weather. First world problems right? Well yes, it is and I want some better weather ASAP, so I can run again.

Every time I start to type Mike starts talking to me. Maybe if I put my headphones in he'll think I'm listening to something very important, like Dance Academy. Yes people my desire for no brainer relaxing TV shows has turned to Dance Academy. I pretty much skipped the first two seasons and as I'd seen enough of it on TV to know what was going on, and went directly to season 3, which I am now uptodate with. Now I am getting accused of typing too much that I am going to break my keyboard. So this is what it's like to type so much doing something that is non-work related, or brief facebook update related...haha.

So well since I last posted I guess I actually became MRS DANZO. Which means, yes I'm married to Mr Danzo, and I finally have the same last name as my kiddies. Wedding was really f*ing awesome, hunky hubby, gorgeous bridesmaids (Sissy and BFF), spunky best men, awesome page boys (not sure what to call a 13 & 14 yr old) and cute as button flower girls... however there were 2 really bad things. My dress breaking on the way to the ceremony (pit stop at spotlight) and 4 days after the wedding one of my favourite uncles passed away on the Indian Pacific from a heart attack. He was on the way back to Sydney with his wife, and my Mum, living out one of his all time dreams (the Indian pacific and going accross the Nalabor) and he died. I have his photo on my fridge and think of him pretty much every day. He was only 76, and had so many people that loved him & needed him in their life. He was an amazing man. RIP Johnny.

Work is work. I now do 4 days a week in the office, and it pretty much exhausts me. I love work, don't get me wrong, and thank goodness they are flexible enough for me to do some extra school drop offs & pick ups, but woah four days ouch. I still prefer it to 3 days in the office and 2 half days at home though! Working at home was very painful. Claire is doing really well at school..... and is just a gorgeous little social butterfly. She is definitely a mini me!! haha. She came first place in her 50m run at the sports carnival (lonnnnnnnng legs) & is really coming along with her reading & swimming. She amazes me on a daily basis. Gracie is now 2 & so much like her daddy, even has his awesome sense of humour. She's now is her own big girl bed, but not interested in using the potty or growing up anymore. I am happy with that as I love having a toddler baby if you know what I mean. We have recently slightly changed the routine with her as I was having a hell of a time getting her to go to bed at night.... Mike does it now and she's happy as larry. Not sure what's with that? She's starting to talk a lot & bossing us all around!

So that's my effort for tonight, and my last post in my 34th year...... birthday next week. Can't believe I'll be thirty farking five.......FARK!!!

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(no subject) [Nov. 17th, 2009|05:26 pm]
Arghhh I feel sick :(
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(no subject) [Jun. 8th, 2009|01:48 pm]
Claire and I got up at 4am Perth time. (5.30am Darwin time). We raced to the airport with my brother as he is a cop and can go whatever speed he wants (I know he's a dickhead and I tell him so) in the dark. Got to the airport by 6.30am, checked in, got on the plane and went to the centre of Australia. Yes that's right folks, I have been to Alice Springs for the first time in my life!! I had NO idea the flight was not non-stop until about two days ago, therefore adding about 1.5 hours of flying onto the agenda. We were lucky though, and managed to block a seat for Claire both to and from Darwin. Alice Springs airport was ok, we had a look around, got back on the plane and flew into Perth 3 hours later. Claire travelled quite well, as long as she had something to entertain her, but I am sooooo exhausted now!!

Darwin was great. Beautiful weather, and relaxing. My brother and family are really good, as is my Mum. My bro took me fishing most of Saturday, and we caught heaps of small fish, but only kept about 5. The weather was perfect, about 18-31 each day, so Claire got to wear some nice summer clothes again!

Mike is coming home shortly (which is bloody awesome, so I might go put my head down and wait for him to get here. Claire is fast asleep in bed, as she's completely nackered. I have the next two days off, however Mike is going back to work tomorrow.
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Busy day [Sep. 19th, 2008|10:52 am]

I want parcels in the post :( Everything takes too long from the eastern states!

Busy morning, dropped Claire at day care, dropped the boys at school, then started doing some washing at Mike's sister's place so that they don't have to worry about it when they get home (school uniforms etc as they have a drier!!) so I've been back and forth from there, as well as the supermarket, and now I have to pop out to buy a new mouse for my laptop as we left the old one in Singapore, and meet up with a sick girl for lunch!

*runs out the door*
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(no subject) [May. 8th, 2008|08:19 am]
By the way, Kim you are a fantastic babysitter and did very well on your trial run with Claire last night (15 mins while I got fuel) thankyou so much!! MWAMWA!


Oh I apparently have a cold now, which is just going to make things so much better. But on the plus side I slept like a log last night, and bubs didn't wake up until 4am. I had 7 hour straight, fed her, and another 2 hours. It was JOY! (Oh and my milk let down once I relaxed of course!)

OK so I LOVE LOVE LOVE my car, and want to take it for a drive. And it appears I may have to because just like my old car, the fuel gauge doesn't work!? What's with that? Stupid fuel gauges. I am so getting it fixed under warranty though!

Sox is scratching at the door to come in, it is cold out there. Poor puss. *goes to let him in*
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Oh Christmas Tree! [Dec. 2nd, 2007|08:40 am]
I'm definitely becoming a posting whore this weekend haha. I'm also nesting, and getting all Christmasy. This is so not like me.

Anyway this is the result of yesterday's efforts - OH CHRISTMAS TREE! It's a brand new one with lots of new decorations. I even went to bunnings and got some brand new awesome bloody expensive lights, and one colour doesn't work! It's going back to bunnings today!!

Do you all like my big toe?
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I am so seeing this [May. 16th, 2006|03:53 pm]
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Public bus users in Perth [Jan. 20th, 2006|11:06 am]
Please read the below if you want a few weeks of free travel

Read more...Collapse )
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(no subject) [Nov. 7th, 2005|02:21 pm]
Coffee hyperness has warn off and I would have more but I know it’ll make me feel even more sick then I do. It’s like one of those seedy tiredness, except I only had one beer at lunch time yesterday so I know I’m no where near hungover.

I hope I don’t start nodding off on the drive home again like I did from Mandurah yesterday.

Bring on Friday 4pm.
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(no subject) [Nov. 7th, 2005|09:35 am]
I had a fantastic weekend… and as usual am lacking sleep – TGFC. (Thank God for Coffee!)

Yesterday I ended up visiting Miss Pepsicola down in Mandurah in the afternoon, including a lovely late lunch and a walk/run on the beach with the Kazmeister. I have pics, and may post them if I get around to it one day.

Last night I was “allowed” to watch a couple of episodes of Voyager, mostly because Firefly (not FIREFOX) has been returned to it’s owner, much to a certain someone’s disgust, and because there was frig all on TV. Speaking of Firefox, I actually already had it on my computer unnoticed by me, and we had the amusement of looking through the history it had logged in it thanks to my lovely ex-bf and my ex-friend/house sitter that used it on my computer in the last few months.

Anyway, tonight includes my favourite past time – ironing, followed by a late netball game. And tomorrow I have about 11 or 12 hours of work ahead of me, depending on if they force us to go to one of the mess hall again and drink alcohol again. Bwahaha. I love my second job =)
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